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My love is Hardcore & DnB but I also know not everyone agrees so I mix it up anything really  House, deep house, bounce, RNB, Free-form...

(PT1) There are DJ's ....& Then there are DJ'S

 My DNB Inspirations

There are DJ's .... Then there are DJ'S
In the beginning, aged only 14 and very naive to the music world.  I had never experienced a Rave let alone seen a decent set up.  A mate of mine gave me a cassette, now in case you have no idea what a cassette is lol it was the equivalent of a CD back in the 90's.  This cassette changed my whole view on life as i knew it.


The tape was - Helter Skelter - NICKY BLACKMARKET SIDE A - DJ HYPE SIDE B!  
Nicky smashed a typical jungle set with Skibba, Fearless on the MIC.  The mix that caught my imagination was  Original Nuttah vs Chopper, from this point i had to know more, it infected brain.  That set just got better and better, Nicky just kept on dropping em, the more I listen the more I wanted to hear.  The way that Skibba and Fearless complimented the tracks he was dropping, the beats, baseline it blew my mind! So far away from what i was used to hearing, your typical chart tracks and top 10.   

This set my drive for music and after hearing this i listened to more and more started my own collection of tape packs from live events.  If you have no idea of the sound,  the rave scene created in the 1990's then check this link out and have a listen http://www.ravetapepacks.com/

This is when i discovered BLACKMARKET RECORDS, the most amazing shop i have even been in.  I remember the 1st time I walked in, every vinyl you could possibly want as a DJ.

At the time i had no knowledge of any track names, producers even what genre to start looking in.  i have never been in to a shop where they are able to help you find what you are looking for,  even if all you could do was try to imitate the sound of the track.  

Not only would they help you find the right vinyl but they would also play it on some vinyl decks  in the shop maybe even have a little rinse with the tracks you was interested in buying.  The set up was incredible, vibrations would rubble the shop every time the excitement i felt i cant really explain.  Now days its so easy to find a track you want we have google... but then it was a mission! find the track name, be sure of the producer just cos a DJ was playing it didn't mean it was his track.  It was a trek for me to get to BM records it was the other side of London and more, but as i got more in to the music and purchased some vinyl decks for myself, it became a monthly outing! In BM Records i purchased a number of amazing vinyls and to this day still have them,  Congo Natty, Original Sin, Shy FX, Q Project, Mampi Swift, Front line, Dirty Harry (aka Hazard) & loads more.  https://soundcloud.com/bmsoho

One occasion I went there with my mother (remember i was only 15) i was head stuck in vinyls trying to decide what to but next.  

I only turned around and there he was the LEGEND himself NICKY BLACKMARKET,  I was star stuck the DJ that got me hooked on that jungle sound was stood there in his shop, he was stood having a chat to my mum.... 
I couldn't believe it, she had no idea who he was and was there listening to him have a moan about his kids .... totally UN-music related.  
I spoke to him myself for the 1st time, even got him to sign a vinyl for me.  
I really feel without the influence of NICKY B and his store i would have never of discovered the likes of Brookie, Ed Solo, Friction, G Dub, Fresh, Sub Focus the list could go on and on. 

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Wow where do I start.... I could write for hours about Hype! What an ambassador of the scene, have any of you read " All Crews"  This book has been like my bible, if you haven't read it then you really should especially if you have a love of the rave scene and how it progressed to what we all know and love today.  

Buy from: 

My love for Hype and his influence on me as a DJ really came the day I listened to my 1st cassette.....Like Nicky B he knew what to do and how to get the crowd on a hype.  
As for Fabric in London Farringdon Tru Playaz once I discovered it this, it became my point of no return. 
Tru Playaz, is held the last Friday of each month, such a special night. If you haven't been you really should go!!

Always every time without fail it will blow your mind as a raver. I cant count how many I have been to Fabric and had the pleasure of a full Tru Playaz & Ganja Record line up along side with some of the very best of DNB artist at the time in the scene from other labels.  

The sound created in Fabric by these DJ's ..... is out of this world....its been going for so many years now Hype and his crew have got it to perfection! I haven't even mentioned the pins on the dance floor rahhhhhh!! That's just takes you to a whole another level of epicness. 

The clip below will just give you a taste of the kinda nights Tru Playaz put on at Fabric.  Even the lights are skanking!

Not only is Hype the main man when it comes to Fabric but he is a multi award winner, Owner and Founder of Tru Playaz & Ganja Records, both of these labels have produced some of the best DNB around. The way he mixes is incredible, always keeping you guessing on whats coming next and dropping the most drumming baselines,while having complete control of the dance floor throughout his set. 

Again like Nicky B he has influenced my love for the music throughout the 90's to date.  I have so much love and respect for Hype he got a break while living in a borstal and from nothing created the music we all know and love. 

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Its known that Jose Mourinho is the special one, clearly these people have obviously never been in contact with Andy C.  The chosen one!  

Before hearing Andy I hadn't really experienced technical mixing. 
He was at the time,  the only DJ that totally hypnotised me when he is on the decks. (we will get on to the other one in PT3)  
No matter how hard the set was going off! or how much the MC tearing barz I just cant move.....I am totally zoned out by him and his speed on the decks! 

He was born to be a DJ its almost like the decks become part of him. The precession of his mixing and tricks are somthing you never see....
The level of quickness of his mixes,  the craxy speed he gets the next track coming in its mind blowing..... still even now he leaves me thinking.......... 
How the F**k did he do that?? 

Festival Miami 2014

In my eyes he is one of the worlds best DJ's his technical ability has and,  will continue to dominate the DNB scene.  As a producer and lable owner of  RAM Records Andy has made a massive stamp on the DNB world.  

The way he mixes two tracks, while getting a 3rd ready, and his progression to become so technically minded he has created his own controller and mixer and complete customised his set up to give him full control of the raving experience. 

Controlling not only his normal DJ duties but also controlling the lighting and complete effect he wants to create with his music..... his show has been a worldwide sell out ... check it out its called "ALIVE".
A Picture of his rig is below.  

He has become the highest awarded DNB DJ, Producer, and now a Pioneer of the whole scene.  This once London UK based sound now played in some of the biggest and best dance events throughout the world. 

Andy C has created his own way of mixing and own way of providing a full show for the ravers, for me he has made the scene up its game in more ways than one!
                                          ANDY C I Salute you!!

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DJ Brockie 

Now this guy, they always say watch out for the quite ones..... throughout my years of following DNB and buying records for myself to mix, there has always been ONE DJ and ONE Label ...... UNDILUTED! 

Back in my early days of mixing, I lived in a remote town on the outskirts of London, DNB wasn't as popular as it is now it hadn't be comericilised.  I was probably one of a handful that had discovered a found a love for Drum N Bass, most from my area were still on the UK Garage hype.

Anyway I was involved with a few friends of mine of putting a party on at a local pub. This friend was and still is good friends with Skibba. (I'm not on the name dropping) But this party ended up to be one of the greatest memory's I have. Brockie smashed the shit out of this pub playing a set on my decks! 
My decks!!
Memory's made of dreams....... 
Not only that i met Harry Shotta before he was known by anyone really.  Even then he was dropping barz as easy as it is for us to breath. 

Undiluted are known for bringing tracks out as rough and as dirty as they come. The more I herd from this label the more i brought.  Amazing tracks such as Echo Box, System Check & Dangerous i played for many years, still even now that sound hasn't aged.  The tracks are endless, as well as the live performance from Brockie.  I remember MC Foxy chatting for Brockie on a Undiluted full set, still to this day it was one of the most epic sets i have herd! 

I have watched him up close in Fabric, Transmission, Ally Paley and so many more and every time his sets have just blown me away.  Some of the deepest and dirtiest baselines ever created. 

He is still at the forefront of upfront & jungle events, any aspiring DNB DJ or producer should take time time to check out what he has brought to the DNB scene and how he continues to evolve his sound with the scene.  He has created the past, present and future all from one studio under one label. 

What more of an influenced do you need? 

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