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My love is Hardcore & DnB but I also know not everyone agrees so I mix it up anything really  House, deep house, bounce, RNB, Free-form...

(PT3) There are DJ's .... & Then there are DJ's

My Hardcore Inspirations 


No better way to start my hardcore inspirations than starting with the GOD of UK HARDCORE himself DJ HIXXY! 

All through my teens and 20's whilst being hocked by the DNB bug, there cousin of DNB it was Happy Hardcore.  Now known as UK hardcore.  This was allot less base and allot more singing..... but from the word go always brought such a wicked vibe. 

So where does HIXXY come in?? 
DJ HIXXY is UK HARDCORE ....... simple 
The founder of HTID (Hardcore Till I Die) and owner of the famous record label RAVERBABY.
Hixxy has an amazing CV,  from 1994 the days of Dreamscape and creating Essential Platinum with DJ Dougal to present day with Clubland Extreme series, and HTID in the sun! 

Hixxy for me gave birth to a sound that he mastered the creation of.  The Bonkers series blew the whole scene open and sent Happy Hardcore in a compleaty different direction. Even other genres noticed the impact that the Bonkers tracks had on the rave scene as a whole. 

His back catalogue of tracks is incredible, he has worked along side so many great producers and DJs.  As well as being the mastermind behind Bonkers he has dominated the charts throughout the 90's and still does now. 

There isn't a event or stage he hasn't blessed with his presents, the drive he had to push UK Hardcore to become the sound and scene we all love and know today is in itself inspiring. 

There isn't an artist he hasn't worked with...... 

Or a raver he hasn't made smile with music...... 

Defiantly wont be another DJ/Producer that will achieve 1/2 of what he has. #ambassator 

More on Hixxy
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The worlds NUMBER ONE Hardcore DJ .... without a doult! 
If you want to see why then take a look at this video: 

If you watched the video above then there is no need to tell you why he has been named the worlds number one UK Hardcore DJ.  I thought i had seen it all with Andy C but Gammer has a totally different style of technical mixing.  He creates sounds that no other DJ has, using his effects & loops his sets are fast passed and electrifying.  

Gammer uses all kinds of genres in his mixes anything from Trap to Melbourne bounce, even one of his own random edits. He just slips them in to his sets creates sound that is so unique to him.  

I have seen him many times live, one of my favourite memory's of watching him up close was at Broken Records Launch. https://youtu.be/uD2ZyDszJY8
I was literally stood next to him with my camera while he was smashing the shit out of the dance floor! 

He inspired me to try mixes I would have never even contemplated without hearing his style of mixing.  I have found other genres that I can mix with because of his influence.  Another example of his skills ..... along side another couple more of my favourite DJ's .... Cotts & Ravine ... Check this link if you don't know about these boys 
https://youtu.be/FCpd6mkNWas that's a whole different story!

Gammer only appeared in the hardcore scene back in 2002.  Since then his profile has grown and grown. He has become a great producer across a number of genres, and done countless collaborations with the likes of DJ Dougal on the label Essential Platinum. 

Also known in the Hard Dance scene as Matt Lee, working along side some of the greats such as Andy Whitby and being signed to Awsum Label. 
A founder of Muffin Music, his influence on the UK Hardcore scene is endless. 

The tricks and sounds he creates are incredible, it really shook the scene and i believe that it has encourage DJ's to produce a higher quality set just to try and compete with the sound and atmosphere Gammer is creating with every live set.   

I don't think I know any other a DJ that is more devoted to progression of his set and his performance. 
Gammer makes it all sound so easy, edits, loops,  he slows the BHP, drops in random genres in his mixes...... this was all unheard of in Hardcore until Gammer came along.  

Definatley one of my favioute DJ's
Definatley one of my biggest infulances 
and Definatley worlds number 1 UK Hardcore DJ
..... it excites me to think what will he bring next? 

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