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My love is Hardcore & DnB but I also know not everyone agrees so I mix it up anything really  House, deep house, bounce, RNB, Free-form...

(PT2) There are DJ's ...... & Then there are DJ's

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Now even if you have never been to a rave in your life i guarantee that you have heard of DJ EZ!  If its listening to his KISS 100 Shows, or his 7 hour live DJ sets at Ministry of Sound.  Maybe his uncountable booking and performances at events and clubs throughout the world. 

The multi award winning 'Pure Garage' CD series that dominated the UK album charts throughout the 1990's and 2000's. DJ EZ has become a UK Music national treasure, and rightly so! 

He has a completely unique style of mixing, he is what I call a DJ's DJ... what i mean is,  as a DJ looking to progress in music, he is one of them DJ's you find you can just watch and watch and watch again.  
He makes it look effortless and so easy!!! 
Hours and Hours he can have a crowd jumping

This picture was taken LIVE at SOUNDCLASH

I have taken a clip from his website and it pretty much sums EZ up: 
For two whole decades, DJ EZ (Pronounced DJ EEE ZED) is widely regarded as being one of the best DJ’s to grace planet earth, he can only be described as a charming music phenomenon. Saluted by the industry for being one of the most creative mixers with instinct and technical prowess, not forgetting the mentions of owning one of the quickest fingers in the trade with his trademark cue action displays during his sets! A set of decks simply isn’t the same without DJ EZ.”
If you haven't seen him live you really should try and check him out! He has sold out arena's and continues to... you can also catch him doing intimate and private gigs.  The style of his mixing, is very technical using cue points and looping live.  The way he slams track after track in and the tricks he has mastered on the decks is phenomenal! He is infectious to watch! 

Every set/mix i have ever listened to of EZ has left me thinking How does he do that? or where the f**k did that come from!  
Creating a sound only a master could! 

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DJ Fonti 

I couldn't not mention this DJ as he was the main one really who opened my eyes to be able to mix the most random track in to a mix, not only that but get the crowd loving it.... DJ Fonti. 

The 1st time i heard him was when i listened to Heartless Crew.  For those to young or have no idea of who I'm taking about, Heartless were something different and Fonti was the main on the wheels of steel.  Here's a little video i found on YouTube for you to get familiar with them :) 

Fonti would start with UK Garage and end with DJ SS The Lighter Tune a massive DNB track at Garage Nation!! He showed me that as long as you delivered the track correctly in a mix the ravers would go mental!  

Of course you had people that hated it and were Garage till i die, you get them kinds in all genre's.  Fonti wasn't fazed by this and continued to push the multi genre mixes, using acapellas and mixing it live on stage.  No one was doing this at the time, it was crazy one minute it was UK Garage next he was dropping an RNB track or Soca Regga even Hip-hop! 

He opened my eyes to the potential of the sounds that could be created, without being a producer you could create your own remix of well know tracks. It inspired me to spend hours locked in my room with my vinyl decks, trying to work out how this sound could be created.  I brought PIMP on vinyl and are hours and hours of effort and complete failure i cracked it! 

An example of my kinda mashupz...... for more check out my YouTube channel.

I will be putting together a tutorial on how i create a simple mashup and will show you how i have progressed to created a 5/6 way mashup i do today using loops and cue points..... watch this space! 

This was a real turning point for me, my style of my mixing changed because of this.  Mixing the same genre became almost boring for me, I loved the thought of creating that WOW factor in my sets, dropping the UN-expected! 
After kinda mastering it, this gave me the confidence to try more and buy more vinyls from the RnB and Hip Hop.  Even look for instrumentals and acepella's to try and drop in my DNB or garage sets. Now I still listen to all the chart music and get inspiration to put them in my sets or create a mash up with them. 

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