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My love is Hardcore & DnB but I also know not everyone agrees so I mix it up anything really  House, deep house, bounce, RNB, Free-form...

Monday, 8 February 2016

My love is Hardcore & DNB... I know not everyone agrees....

My love is Hardcore & DnB but I also know not everyone agrees so I mix it up anything really House, deep house, bounce, RNB, Free-form, Trap, Hip-hop. I like doing things a bit different, experimenting and mixing different genre's, hip-hop and UK hardcore, for example and I also like to used accapella's and try to think outside the box when putting my mixes together. 

I have always just had interest in DJ'ing, 2 years ago I tried to progress my music career, and I found out that you need to have a bit more about you than just djing. This lead to me paying to go and work with known producers in UK Hardcore, and my tracks being signed to Justice Hardcore (USA Record company). I also done a few bootlegs Happy - Pharrell and All about the bass - Megan Trainer. https://soundcloud.com/chris-e-btfcrew

I have been mixing for about 15 yrs. I Started on vinyl, about 5yrs ago I got some CDJ's, to work towards my progression in music. I got in to the Internet radio scene so invested in a Mix track pro2 to enable me to do live streaming. 

I didn't mind the controller but now I use a PIONEER XDJ-R1 (cdj and controller.) I have used various DJ software and currently using Traktor. 
I will show you how I mix tips & tricks when creating track lists, mashups & more chronicles of Chris E mix series, and exclusive in the studio business I will be sharing everything, video diary's, posts, mixes, tracks and so much more.   

I teamed up with a MC Restless https://www.facebook.com/MC-Restless-279901015547518/?fref=ts for dnb & hardcore events. 
Like me he can switch his flow like I switch genre's. We work well together, and share the same level of passion for the music. We have been in the studio on many occations, my favouite track has to be born to be a raver https://www.trackitdown.net/track/chris-e-and-mc-restless/born-to-be-a-raver/hardcore/7649426.html  

We have also performed at event's throughout the UK hardcore scene (the dream would be to get on that HTID stage), various Internet radio sites including number 1 for UK Hardcore kraftyradio.com. 
We decieded to create a mix tape with a twist, 
The Chronicles of Chris E 
Again the idea is to keep mixing it up, as much as possible,  bringing in DJ's and MC's to feature back to back with me and Restless, creating a totally unique mix each mix to be completely different from the last. 
Every Chronicles mix will also features an exclusive mix from one of the big names in the scene.  We have managed to get two Great DJ/producers of hardcore to feature so far DJ NOBODY - Justice Hardcore https://www.facebook.com/JusticeHardcore/?fref=ts & 

the legend that is Bananaman - Jump4Joy https://www.facebook.com/jump4joydigital/

I am would love to DJ out more, events, live radio sessions anywhere really. I have recently moved to Milton Keynes and would love to progress in music more. I can mix on turntables, CDJ's and Controllers. I don't mind taking on the MIC and have done various live radio sets using a MIC and camera. I can also provide a MC  for events bookings, should they need one. My Prices would depend on where I have to travel, I'm not looking to do it for money, I just to do something I love and have a great passion for.

Unfortunately just before Christmas my Sound-cloud got deleted due to the mash-up mixes I posted on my page. I didn't realise about the disclaimer on copy-right. so my two years of hard work promoting myself and working on new mixes to post up were deleted by Sound-cloud. I have started another page but I am reluctant to put as much hard work in to it as i did,  that's why I have created this blog. Any feedback would be apprecaited, as well as any requests get in touch and BIGUPZ for taking your time to read this, really hope you enjoy what I do. 

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